Backing the campaign to save youth services

I SUPPORT the campaign to retain the County’s Youth Services.

The letter from the leaders of our local councils and MPs shows how important the Youth Service is.

They describe the dire consequences if this attack is added to all the other cuts young people face.

Unfortunately, this local initiative has the dead hand of Ed Balls and Ed Miliband written all over it.

Why, in defending the Youth Service, does the letter call for the scrapping of the boxing facilities?

What is wrong when there are nearly three million out of work, in employing footpath officers and waterway personnel?

The unsaid background to this is that the two Eds support the cuts. They believe that Labour must show itself the party of austerity no less than the Tories.

These cuts, this driving up of unemployment, is imposed by the Government and is eagerly implemented by the Tory county council.

Labour has fallen into the Tory trap. All parties are arguing as to which needy cause is deserving and which is undeserving. They are all deserving – and the money is there to pay for it.

What is undeserving, is the cosying up of mega-corporations to the Inland Revenue which saves them (and costs us) millions in lost tax.

And who says that bankers continue to be worth multi-million pound annual salaries, while working and professional people, or unemployed people, on low, modest, or poverty incomes, suffer the austerity?

Wealth must be redirected towards services and benefits, where it will immediately be spent, thus stimulating the economy and creating jobs.

The Tories defend wealth and privilege, and benefit from it. Labour failed to tackle it when in Government and is paying the price now.

The admirable initiative by our local Labour leaders, leaves them fighting with their hands tied by having to oppose cuts which the national Labour leaders support.

J.W.R. Clark

Old Tupton