Ask taxpayers if they want the cost of parish councils

Regarding the letter by Paul Rutherford (Derbyshire Times, December 8, 2011) commenting on Bolsover District councillors who sit on the local parish council as well.

He says “and you really have no one to turn to (to complain)”.

I can empathise with Mr Rutherford on this subject, and am of the opinion that there are many more community tax payers waking up to the fact that they are having to pay an additional community tax just for the privilege of having a parish council.

The parish council adds between £45 and £110 community tax per annum.

As our essential services are provided by the district/borough councils, there is really no need to have a parish council as their functions are of very little use to the majority of local tax payers.

The coalition Government has started to recompense district/borough councils which keep community tax frozen but this does not apply to parish councils, and therefore they still insist on increasing their precept regardless of, and not seeming to recognise any recession.

The working man/woman has to accept cuts to wages and increased charges to food, energy prices, etc, but the parish councils still want their tax increases.

Every local district/borough and parish council has a responsibility to its taxpayers and should be consulting them on levels of community tax and what the money is spent on.

If residents wanted to dispense with their parish council, then the district/borough council could set up a community governance review and take into account the views of the local electors.

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