Apply the brake to faster motorway speed limit

With reference to the new proposed 80mph speed limit on our motorways – is the Transport Minister suffering from amnesia?

What happened to all the TV adverts, ie: Remember, Speed Kills, and the car doing 35mph in a 30mph, knocking down a child.

A vast amount number of drivers on motorways already drive at 80mph plus, so we can now expect them to drive at 90mph plus, with a 80mph sped limit in place.

Yes, modern cars do have many safety features built into them but up to now no one has found a way to build similar safety features into human beings.

The motorways are far too crowded nowadays for higher speed limits and what with the dramatic influx of foreign car and truck drivers, many of whom appear to have their own version of the Highway Code, now is not the time to make motorways even more dangerous.

Not everyone has a Jag, Merc or BMW and consideration must be given to the smaller vehicles and more cautious drivers. The motorways were not built just for the impatient, heavy right foot brigade.

It’s bad enough with the fast HGVs hassling you and bunching you in so that one cannot see clearly to pull out of a lane safely – to be them met by some ‘clown’ doing 90mph plus.

After 55 years of driving, I’ve given up on motorways and now my journeys take a bit longer but allow me to rediscover the countryside.

Remember the tortoise and the hare? It’s better to be 30 minutes later in this world, than 30 years too soon in the next!

T. Barnett