Annexe should not be glorified car park

I wish to comment on the article ‘listen to fans in the north’, by Mr Walton (Times Talk, August 25).

It is very pleasing that Mr Walton enjoyed the cricket and would encourage further development of the facilities to allow further matches to take place.

However it is quite upsetting that the annexe is being used as a glorified car park to facilitate those attending the cricket festival, and if further matches were to take place, that alternative parking be arranged.

It was said that the 2012 olympics would inspire the next generation to become our sporting heroes of the future.

Our towns and cities would be encouraged to provide the facilities and support for the next generation.

Already we are seeing an influx of young people taking part in athletics at stadiums in our towns and cities throughout the country.

Would it not be better to use the annexe for its intended purpose, enjoyed by all on a regular basis, rather than being used as the most scenic car park in the country?

Peter Wilson