Anger at jobs lost

I write to express my anger at what is happening to the Market Hall.

Are the council blind to all the jobs that will be lost? Butchers, fishmongers and other stall holders – as I count, it will be over 36 people.

Unlike the council there will be no big redundancy payments, just a pat on the back and sent off to the dole queue.

Nowhere has been found for the butchers or fishmongers, yet the council blindly marches on.

In a year’s time, when the red tape is cut and people are welcomed to the amazing new Market Hall, what stalls will be there? The stalls and staff that have been there for years that have been stabbed in the back? I shouldn’t think so.

How many council jobs will be lost from this? None. How many hard working people’s jobs will be lost? Over 36..

Well done Chesterfield borough council, lets give them a pat on the back.

Loyal fool