An issue that runs and runs

R. Oliver covers a number of issues in the letter published last week. It is regrettable that the belief that fines from speed cameras recording speeding offenses are still regarded as a tax income to government. If it is a tax, then it is a voluntary one, as if the driver does not break the law no tax need be paid. The assumption that vehicle drivers’ payments to Government produce a surplus is also erroneous. It is difficult to measure accurately what the cost is of providing roads suitable for powered vehicles, but those that attempt to do so report that income from vehicles and their drivers is much below that cost, perhaps as low as 50% of the cost. The balance of the cost comes from general taxation.

R. Oliver’s claim that “without the motorist the country would not be able to function” is news to those that do not have cars and also to the elders amongst us who remember well how life worked very well without cars. A state of affairs that will return when the oil runs out in not too many years time.

Charles Brown

Chatsworth Road