Amazed by help from strangers

On Sunday, July 31, I had a nasty accident in Killamarsh. I am a 66-year-old lifetime runner and was approximately two miles into a six- mile run when I clipped the kerb and fell heavily and awkwardly. I knew something bad had happened to my shoulder. What happened next amazed me - within seconds I was surrounded by motorists who had stopped and nearby householders. I was offered a mobile to ring my wife, whilst the others attended to my wounds - someone even producing a sling to support my shoulder. The police arrived within minutes and the paramedics soon after. I was taken to Chesterfield Royal Hospital where I required stitches and was diagnosed with a broken collarbone. In a society where we are quick to see the bad, it was nice to know that there are those prepared to help. I would like to thank all those good people who helped me. I am now recovering at home.

Mike Theobald