All as bad as each other: Politicians are all same

Anne Western is doing nothing more than any opposition party ,having a go at those who took control from them –it’s part of the job of all politicians.

They are all as bad as each other, and will spit out their dummies on a whim.

My one observation with Anne Western’s column, and that which I have a problem concerns the divide between rich and poor.

The poor are feeling what this recession more than anyone: their money simply is not going as far as it did a few years ago – it’s frightening how things change in price from one week to another. Fuel? What a rip off!

There is not one political party that really does want the fat pay outs to stop – take for example the golden wages football players get.

The tax from these disgusting pay outs give the Government in office millions of pounds every year – they can make comments about them, but it’s all two-faced.

A person gets a million pound pay out the government at the time gets 45 per cent in tax for doing nothing.

What a Golden egg.

Adrian Mather