Alas, someone does care: Eureka! DT is spot on

LAST week I experienced my very own EUREKA moment as I took in Derbyshire Times Editor James Mitchinson’s comment piece.

I had begun to think everyone in any public position of power had become lily-livered, swivel-eyed hand-wringers who were terrified of speaking out about the underbelly of society who most of us would happily contribute to see transported to the moon.

The police seem powerless to do anything. The courts are apparently preserving their seats by letting crooks back out onto the streets, safe in the knowledge they’ll soon be back in front of them, helping to line the pockets of the Crown and keep magistrates busy.

But there in front of me in my morning paper was the community organ appealing for the imbeciles who desecrated our sacred war memorial to be bought to book and tethered in stocks!


I urge the authorities to take a leaf out of Mitchinson’s book. Failing that, make him Mayor of Chesterfield!

J. Hibberd