A bouquet in letter form

I was recently referred to The Royal Hospital for an ECG and, after a period in the Emergency Management Unit, I was admitted to Durrant Ward where I remained for three weeks and one day before being discharged.

This letter is in place of the giant bouquet of flowers I would wish to send, but which would not be welcomed on the ward, and is to all staff at all levels with whom I came in contact

Every individual coped with a heavy workload, made worse by two separate outbreaks of norovirus during my stay, cheerfully and with good humour and friendliness and regularly working 12 hour shifts.

This despite having the additional tasks while visitors were still permitted of acting as doormen and determining the health of arriving visitors to try to check the spread of the virus plus, I understand, recently introduced extra hourly form filling.

These people, daily, do difficult, thankless and unforgiving work and each of them is worth his / her weight in gold.


Hasland, Chesterfield