821 signatures failed to sway done deal on loos

On September 21, having handed in a petition of 821 names of people who disagree with the council’s proposed closure of the public toilets in our town, I had the opportunity to speak to the councillors to express that opinion face to face.

I explained our concerns, especially the financial aspect of creating an empty shop for rent when there are nationally about 19 per cent of shops empty at present, and that such a half-witted idea with public money would not show a return on investment for over 15 years. I raised other points, and offered an alternative plan to keep these facilities.

This was the first ever petition handed to our elected representatives for debate and discussion. Guess their reaction? Not one councillor raised any point for discussion, even though 30 minutes had been allotted. Silence, like uninterested kids waiting for the lunch bell.

The closure of the toilets was already a done deal, no matter how many signatures this petition had. The big red rosette of the Labour party, which used to be proud to uphold the view of the working man, swung into action with a massive two-finger salute to all residents and visitors to Bolsover and the 821 of us who signed.

This troop of baboons in suits cite savings as the reason, yet recently voted themselves a huge expenses package equating to my rates for ten years.

Councillor Kelly who seconded the proposed closure stated that ‘the public can find somewhere else to go’.

Party politics – you could shave 30 chimpanzees, put a red rosette on them and they’d be elected to represent this town.

Tim Levers