Young drinker turned abusive in Chesterfield town centre

A young man has narrowly escaped prison after he drank booze and became abusive in Chesterfield town centre.

Monday, 20th June 2016, 2:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 11:23 am
Beetwell Street.

Patrolling officers saw James Cawood sitting on a wall on Beetwell Street at about 6.40pm on June 2, Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard.

Gillian Foxcroft, prosecuting, said: “He was drinking from a can and appeared to be drunk.

“He was told not to drink alcohol and asked to give up the can.

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“He refused and became abusive so the defendant was arrested.”

The Beetwell Street and New Beetwell Street area is covered by a Designated Public Places Order, giving powers to police to seize alcohol in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Cawood, 28, of Sough Road, South Normanton, pleaded guilty to failing to surrender a can of alcohol at Friday’s hearing.

Julie Page, defending, said: “He didn’t realise it was a designated area and didn’t like the police officer’s attitude towards him.

“He suffers from low moods and drinks because he feels depressed.”

Last year, Cawood was handed a 16-week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, for an alcohol-related offence.

Instead of activating the order and sending him to jail, magistrates extended the existing suspended sentence by six months.

Cawood now has a 16-week prison sentence, suspended for 24 months, and he must also pay a total of £155.