The wrong trousers: Parents' fury after school makes pupils wear branded trousers - which cost three times as much

Parents are up in arms about being forced to buy uniforms from a school, rather than local retailers.

Monday, 11th July 2016, 12:52 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:36 pm
NDET 21-11-12 MC 1 Springwell School

At a open evening for the new, year seven intake at Springwell Community College, in Staveley, parents were told pupils must only wear trousers and skirts purchased directly from the school.

What is causing the outrage is that the cost of £15 is almost triple the cost of a similar product in local shops and supermarkets.

The items available from the school are plain black and do not contain any specialised logos.

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Martin Lewis, a parent, who attended the meeting said some people walked out after heated exchanges.

There were also suggestions that as the trousers and skirts were compulsory, those who did not have the correct clothing may well be excluded from school.

One parent said on Facebook; “I have two children myself who will need at least two pairs of trousers and when I’ve spoken to the school they asked me if my children really need two pairs each and can they not manage with one!

“I know an awful lot of parents have the same frustrations as myself but are getting no where with the school.”

She added: “I myself feel this is blackmailing the parents into purchasing specifically from the school at a much higher price than supermarkets.”

The Derbyshire Times has approached Springwell for a statement.