Woman ‘wants closure’ over gruesome find at Chesterfield beauty spot

Walton dam is a popular spot for dog walkers (Photo: Trevor Roberts).
Walton dam is a popular spot for dog walkers (Photo: Trevor Roberts).

A woman who found a dead dog at a Chesterfield beauty spot says she ‘wants closure’ after trying to find its owners.

Linda Shipley of Walton Road made the gruesome discovery a week last Thursday in the woods near Walton dam.

Animal lover, Linda Shipley.

Animal lover, Linda Shipley.

She has so far had no luck in identifying it and is now hoping the Borough Council’s environmental health team collect it soon.

She said: “My dogs were sniffing at a pile of grass and brambles so I thought it was a hibernating hedgehog.

“It turned out to be a dog - long legs and long tail - that appeared to have been dead a long time.”

“It had been fished out of the dam by Robinsons men when they were cleaning it.

“They had taken it to the wood and covered it to stop foxes finding it.”

Linda presumes the animal was a lurcher or cross breed with fur about an inch long.

Unfortunately, the dog did not have a collar or microchip so successful identification has proved impossible.

She is now hoping the local environmental health team collect it quickly, but they have not yet returned her calls.

“I have put it in a bin liner so foxes don’t get it,” she says.

“If anyone thinks it may be their dog and wants to come over get in touch.”

If you want to get in touch with Linda, call the Derbyshire Times on 01246 504574.