Woman angered by neighbour’s sex romps

Law and order
Law and order

A WOMAN who smashed windows at a flat was angered by a neighbour’s noisy sex romps, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

Fuming Rachel Dickens went on the offensive while her then next-door neighbour was out, smashing two windows and putting a large round hole in a bedroom window.

The victim’s father asked neighbours about the incident and one had seen Dickens cause the damage, said Helen Griffiths, prosecuting.

Police were informed and she blamed the offence on noise from the neighbouring flat in Stephenson Place, Clay Cross.

“She said the matter was now over as far as she was concerned,” added Mrs Griffiths.

Steve Brint, for Dickens, said she had a lengthy spell in Hartington psychiatric unit and the offence was committed while she was on home leave.

He added: “She heard loud noises day and night from the neighbour having sex and the noise was going through the walls and keeping her awake.

“She believed it was done deliberately to annoy her. She says every time she was home there was a confrontation or loud noise and, on that day, she lost it and smashed the windows.”

Dickens, 29, now of Slack Lane, Heath, admitted damaging property belonging to Rykneld Homes last November 24.

The justices adjourned sentence until February 20 for probation service reports.