Why barriers have been erected at Chesterfield car parks

The barriers at Queen's Park North car park.
The barriers at Queen's Park North car park.

Barriers have been installed at three Chesterfield car parks in a bid to stop Gypsies and Travellers from entering them.

A Chesterfield Borough Council spokesperson said: "After several occasions in the last few years where illegal camps have been set up in our car parks, we have installed new barriers at three of our car parks: Queen's Park North, Queen's Park South and Queen's Park Annexe.

"The barriers will prevent high sided vehicles from entering the car park but should still be accessible to most vehicles - including 4x4s.

"The barriers were installed at a total cost of £5,120.

"While this is money we would rather not have to spend, it will result in considerable savings compared to the cost of clearing up after illegal encampments."

The Derbyshire Times revealed last month how more than £10,000 of taxpayers' cash was spent on dealing with illegal Gypsy and Traveller camps last year.

The council shelled out £10,838.34 after Gypsies and Travellers illicitly set up camp in seven separate locations during 2018.

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