Which are your most beautiful cities in the UK?

Derby council house. Courtesy Eamon Curry
Derby council house. Courtesy Eamon Curry

Derby City has been named on the list of most beautiful Cities in the country.

Based on a number of criteria, including the proximity to the sea, average rainfall, sunshine hours, number of parks and National Trust sites, Derby is the only city in the top five not situated near the coast.

It joins Plymouth, Swansea, Bristol and Brighton in the new list put together after an in-depth study by an online blinds company, www.web-blinds.com, looking at a total of 175 different statistics about the top 25 most populated UK cities in order to find the most attractive locations.

Out of all the top cities, Derby has the least rainfall per year at 709mm. It has 12 parks for 10,000 people the highest on the list compared to only 2,4 in Brighton. The Midlands city also had the lowest number of unattractive high rise buildings at four, compared to 63 in Bristol.

But most importantly in Derby's favour was it's proximity to the peak District, said the researchers.

Spokesperson Kirsty Martin said: “All too often when looking to purchase a new property, one can get caught up in the financial aspects without taking time to look at the bigger picture and appreciate the true beauty of the surrounding area. This is why we wanted to take into account such details as the natural surroundings, weather patterns and proximity to the ocean when compiling our top five most beautiful cities.

“Swansea, Derby, Plymouth, Bristol and Brighton each bring their own unique elements of beauty for those who choose to reside in them, making each one an ideal choice for those looking to settle down in a picturesque location but with all the benefits of the big city.”