Where will our elites come from?

NDET 7-8-12 MC 1'The Queen's Park Annexe track
NDET 7-8-12 MC 1'The Queen's Park Annexe track

Your editorial about the lack of investment in grass-roots level sports facilities is absolutely bang on!

You protest at “Sport For All” being sacrificed for medal-chasing elites, whose achievements are only possible given an army of coaches, doctors, nutritionists, physios and even shrinks.

The truth was shown at the Beijing Olympics – 50 per cent of UK medal winners came from fee-paying schools – where money provides facilities which our schools couldn’t dream of.

I know that many of those fortunate enough to get tickets, had a wonderful time, often viewing sports they’d never seen previously, even less likely participated in.

Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony was a triumph. Showing the centrality of the NHS to the lives of the British people, at exactly the right time – when the Con-Libs are destroying it.

He picked Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web as his hero – the man who put his expertise at the service of us all.

Berners-Lee fought to keep his invention commercial-free, to be used by all. He is the living proof that people will work for the common good – a sharp contrast to the city slickers who will only work if they get obscene bonuses and off-shore tax status.

We watched the torch pass through Bowness-on-Windermere, and like your ‘Viewpoint’ correspondent Jack Unwin, we were shocked.

All the Olympic ‘competitors’ were there – Coca Cola, Lloyds, Samsung, the Met. But why? Why are Coca Cola – a leading producer of sugary drinks that appeal to children – allowed to muscle in?

Why are Lloyds there, when it is their bail-outs from the tax payer which is so significantly contributing towards the shortfalls our Social Services are now facing, making burden on the charities necessary?

These companies, which put profit before social need, then try to re-habilitate themselves by putting on their happy faces. But it’s a façade, a sham.

J.W.R. Clark

Old Tupton