What signs of terrorism should I look out for?

Do you know the signs to look out for to help tackle terrorism and domestic extremism?

Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 1:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th March 2018, 1:51 pm
Do you know what signs of terrorism to look out for?

Derbyshire Constabulary has shared some advice so people know what to keep a look out for.


Meetings, training and planning can take place anywhere. Do you know someone who travels but is vague about where they’re going?

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Do you know someone with passports or other documents in different names, for no obvious reason?

Do you know someone who looks at extremist material, including on the so-called Dark Web, or shares and creates content that promotes or glorifies terrorism?

Have you noticed someone embracing or actively promoting hateful ideas or an extremist ideology?

Gathering materials

Suspicious materials can be ordered online as well as in store. Have you noticed someone receiving deliveries for unusual items bought online?

If you work in commercial vehicle hire or sales, has a sale or rental seemed unusual?

Have you noticed someone buying large or unusual quantities of chemicals, fertilisers or gas cylinders for no obvious reason?

Have you noticed someone acquiring illegal firearms or other weapons or showing an interest in obtaining them?

Storing materials

Terrorists need to store equipment while preparing for an attack. Have you noticed anyone storing large amounts of chemicals, fertilisers or gas cylinders?

Have you noticed anyone storing illegal firearms or objects that could potentially be weapons?

Hostile Reconnaissance

Observation and surveillance help terrorists plan attacks. Have you witnessed anyone taking pictures or notes of security arrangements or CCTV?


Cheque and credit card fraud are ways of generating cash. Have you noticed any suspicious or unusual bank transactions?

Detective Chief Inspector Sean Dawson, from EMSOU-Special Branch, said: “While some suspicious activity can be in plain sight, a lot is also behind closed doors.

“Are you sharing a roof with someone who is displaying an extremist ideology or signs of radicalisation? Have you accepted deliveries of items for a neighbour that sets off alarm bells in your head? Is a customer showing a little too much interest in the security measures at your work place? Has a colleague not quite been the same since returning from their mysterious holiday overseas?

“I’m appealing directly to you — the mothers, the brothers, the teachers, the shop assistants, the faith leaders, the catering staff, the sports coaches, the health practitioners — to members of our communities in all your forms, we need your help to stop terror and extremism in its tracks.”

Report any suspicious activity by calling 0800 789 321. All reports are kept confidential and can be made anonymously. In an emergency, always dial 999.