What is the Chesterfield school run like for you?

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As the number of parents driving their children to school increases, what impact is it having on you?

In a national study done in the summer more than two thirds of parents, 39 per cent of 1,000 parents of five to 11-year-olds, said they would not let their children walk to school because of other parents dangerous driving.

Living Streets conducted the research, which is a national charity that stands up pedestrians who work to create safe streets for people to walk on.

Less than half of parents walk their children to school and put unsafe parking and speeding as the reasons they did not walk.

Trevor Twigg, who is a member of Living Streets, said: “Walking is a free and healthy option for children yet walking rates continue to decline.

It’s not too late to turn things around if we act now.

“Walking to school can help children and parents build activity into their daily lives and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“We need to invest in the walk to school now, before the inactive children of today become the unhealthy adults of the future.

I have pledged my support to Living Streets and I’m urging the Prime Minister David Cameron to prioritise walking in the upcoming spending review.”

What problems do you face on the school run? Do you walk to school or drive? If you do drive, why? Where in Chesterfield is the worst place for traffic chaos? What would you like to see done to ease the situation? Or do you not have children and the school run impacts on your life? Let us know your thoughts at lucy.grosvenor@jpress.co.uk