What could you give away on National Old Stuff day?

Ashgate Hospice charity shop in Clay Cross
Ashgate Hospice charity shop in Clay Cross

Out with the old, and giving it to someone new. A Derbyshire-based charity is marking National Old Stuff Day by encouraging the public to sorting through their unwanted items and donating them to the cause.

Ashgate Hospicecare, which has 16 charity shops across the Derbyshire county, relies on donations of various items to sell in their shops. National Old Stuff Day is on Wednesday 2nd March and challenges people to do something different and out of the norm or routine. Ashgate Hospicecare is encouraging people to have a seasonal sort through items including clothing, shoes, bags and bric-a-brac.

Tracie with her daughter, Kimberley.

Tracie with her daughter, Kimberley.

Laura Stevens, the Hospice’s Area Retail Manager, said: “Every year our shops contribute £500,000 to supporting patients through hospice care.

“Our shops always need items to sell and it is only through the generosity of our supporters donating their good quality unwanted items that we are able to generate funds for the Hospice.

“National Old Stuff Day provides everyone with the chance to sort through any items they maybe don’t need anymore or create some space for something else. What’s old to you can then be made new for someone else!”

The profits raised through Ashgate Hospicecare’s charity shops goes directly to the care provided to local people with life-limiting illnesses and their families. The shops generate 23% of the Hospice’s voluntary income.

Kim Trickett was diagnosed with cancer four times in her life. At the age of just 20, she was told the devastating news that she was terminally ill. She was eventually admitted to Ashgate Hospicecare and died a few weeks later. Her mother, Tracie Holocuk, has since been grateful to the Hospice for the care provided to her daughter.

Tracie said: “I can’t thank the Hospice enough for the care they provided to Kimberley. I spent five and a half weeks with her whilst she was at the Hospice and I never left her side. I was allowed to have a bed next to her to comfort her and that made the world of difference to us both.”

One particular time Tracie remembers is when Kimberley really wanted to go home for a period of time. Tracie said, “The Hospice provided transport and a nurse to take her home and she stayed there for 15 minutes. She saw her dog, she saw her house and saw her bedroom. She couldn’t stay there long because she was too ill, but it just meant the world to her.

“Clearing out your wardrobe will mean care can be provided to people just like my daughter and myself. I have seen firsthand how every bag of donated items gets turned into things like pain relief, medication, equipment and one to one care from specialist consultants to name but a few. It gives the Hospice time to care for its local people. That time is so important and it enabled me to spend the last moments of Kimberley’s life with her which were priceless”

Donations of items can be made to any of the Ashgate Hospicecare shops across the county. Donors can find their nearest shop by visiting the Hospice’s website www.ashgatehospicecare.org.uk. Alternatively for more information on donating items, call the Hospice’s Donation Centre on 01246 203727 or visit the centre on the Storforth Lane Trading Estate in Hasland.