BEAST FROM THE EAST: Hour-by-hour forecast for Chesterfield on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The Beast from the East and Storm Emma are causing disruption across the country, with snow and strong winds leading to road and school closures.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 9:33 am
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 10:40 am
Snow in Chesterfield

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for wind, and a yellow warning for snow and ice for Derbyshire on Friday, as well as further warnings for the weekend.

So just what is the forecast for Chesterfield over the next couple of days?

Here's the hour-by-hour breakdown according to the Met Office

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Friday March 2

10am - cloudy, 35mph wind gusts

11am - overcast, 35mph wind gusts

12pm - cloudy, 36mph wind gusts

1pm - cloudy, 35mph wind gusts

2pm - cloudy, 34mph wind gusts

3pm - cloudy, 33mph wind gusts

4pm - cloudy, 32mph wind gusts

5pm - overcast, 31mph wind gusts

6pm - overcast, 31mph wind gusts

7pm - light snow, 30mph wind gusts

8pm - light snow, 28mph wind gusts

9pm - overcast, 27mph wind gusts

10pm - overcast, 26mph wind gusts

11pm - overcast, 25mph wind gusts

Saturday March 3

12am - light snow, 24mph gusts

1am - light snow, 21mph gusts

2am - light snow, 21mph gusts

3am - light snow, 19mph gusts

4am - light snow, 19mph gusts

5am - light snow, 19mph gusts

6am - light snow, 19mph gusts

7am - light snow, 18mph gusts

8am - light snow, 18mph gusts

9am - light snow, 18mph gusts

10am - light snow, 18mph gusts

11am - overcast, 18mph gusts

12pm - overcast, 18mph gusts

1pm - overcast, 18mph gusts

2pm - overcast, 17mph gusts

3pm - overcast, 18mph gusts

4pm - overcast, 19mph gusts

5pm - overcast, 18mph gusts

6pm - overcast, 18mph gusts

7pm - overcast, 18mph gusts

8pm - overcast, 17mph gusts

9pm - overcast, 16mph gusts

10pm - light snow, 16mph gusts

11pm - light snow, 16mph gusts

Sunday March 4

12am-3am - light snow, 16mph gusts

3am-6am - light snow, 15mph gusts

6am-9am - light snow, 17mph gusts

9am-12pm - light snow, 16mph gusts

12pm-3pm - overcast, 15mph gusts

3pm-6pm - overcast, 15mph gusts

6pm-9pm - overcast, 13mph gusts

9pm-midnight - overcast, 12mph gusts