Waterway fails new Euro pollution test

SP87934   Calow brook
SP87934 Calow brook

A NORTH Derbyshire waterway has failed to meet tough new European standards on pollution and ecology despite Environment Agency efforts to reverse damage from industry.

The EA confirmed fewer than one in six rivers around north Derbyshire and Yorkshire are managing to meet the new EU Water Framework Directive standards but this does not mean the waterways have deteriorated.

One stretch failing to make the new grade is a waterway through Spital, Calow and Muster Brook, in Chesterfield. The EA’s senior planning officer for water quality, Claire Reece, admitted there was work to be done.

She said: “Each water body has its own problems, but the picture is balanced by other successes.”

The Chesterfield stretch has been rated ‘bad’ by the EA in every assessment category with reference to the new standards, along with Cudworth Dyk, in Barnsley.

They are also now among a quarter of rivers and waterways in Yorkshire and north Derbyshire suffering either pollution or ecology problems, according to new criteria. But the EA said river water quality has improved nationwide in the last decade.