WATCH: Dashcam footage captures van missing pedestrian by inches in Chesterfield - after driving over PAVEMENT

Shocking dashcam footage has captured the moment a van driver nearly wiped out a pedestrian in Chesterfield - by driving over the pavement.

Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 11:59 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 3:39 pm
The A61 in Chesterfield, scene of the incident

The footage, captured by motorist Tony Wright, shows the van driver mount the pavement on the A61 in Chesterfield to avoid queuing traffic.

But the driver missed a pedestrian walking along the street by just inches.

The van driver has since been sacked, the Daily Mail reports.

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Tony told the Daily Mail he had been on his way home from work last month when the incident happened, and he was waiting for the lights to change.

The lights turn green, but rather than waiting for the traffic to move, the van, which has logos for Right Move Roofing and Landscaping on it, drives on to the pavement instead.

After narrowly missing the pedestrian, who can be seen staring at the van in disbelief, the van rejoins the road and then carries on.

A spokesperson for Right Move Roofing and Landscaping told the Daily Mail that the driver had now been sacked over the incident

Speaking to the paper, Tony said: "There is really no need for driving like that because it's just a case of waiting for the traffic lights to change.

"It's quite common around here but most people you see driving dangerously and overtaking are running from the police.

"There were no flashing lights so this guy was probably rushing home to watch Jeremy Kyle.

"This one is the worst I've seen though because it actually put the pedestrian in danger.

"Most accidents just put other road users in danger.

"You see a lot of things and people obviously make mistakes but he was right in the middle of the pavement."