Waste site offenders face fines


Microwave ovens, carpets, beds and dirty nappies are just some of the things that are being dumped at the side of public ‘recycling bring sites’ across Bolsover district.

These items are being taken to the sites and left at the side of recycling bins, resulting in Bolsover District Council making a plea to local people to use its local ‘recycling bring sites’ properly or face being prosecuted for fly tipping.

The council claims people are taking bags of sorted recyclable material to the containers but instead of placing them in bins provided they are leaving bags of bottles, clothes and paper around the bins.

Bolsover District Council’s cabinet member for the environment Cllr Dennis Kelly said: “People are taking the time and trouble to go to the recycling sites only to dump their rubbish at the side of the recycling containers.

“For some of the items we found you would need a large vehicle to transport them so it begs the question why don’t they just take them and dispose of them properly at the Household Waste Recycling Centres?

“We want to provide a clean and green environment that is free from litter and fly tipping for our residents to enjoy, but when we come up against acts such as this we are fighting a losing battle.”

Any items or bags that are not placed in the correct bin at the ‘bring recycling sites’ are classed as fly tipping, whether it’s recyclable or not on that site and could result in a large fine or a custodial sentence.

For further information on where your nearest ‘recycling bring site’ is please visit www.recyclenow.com and enter your postcode or if you see anyone fly tipping please visit www.bolsover.gov.uk/litter-a-fly-tipping or telephone 01246 242424.