Waste bin worries

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RESIDENTS fear a new council blue bin scheme aimed at increasing recycling rates could leave areas littered with cardboard.

Chesterfield Borough Council launched its new blue recycling wheelie bins after striking a deal with Veolia Environmental Services to provide the service and help achieve dry material recycling collections of up to 10,000 tonnes.

Residents are receiving the blue bin this month for recyclable mixed plastics, glass, cans, aerosols, paper, magazines and cardboard. It will replace a blue box and bag and be used alongside green bins for compostable waste and black or grey bins for other general waste.

But some have complained the new blue bin only has a small insert for waste paper and they will be forced to dump excess cardboard and paper elsewhere.

One Chesterfield reader, who wrote to the paper, said: “I now have a full sized blue bin in place for tins, glasses and plastics which is welcome, but I only have a small insert for newspapers and cardboard and since I’ve no garden waste I now have a completely useless green bin.

“Any cardboard that will not fit into the stupidly small insert has to be put at the side of the bin and collected on collection day.”

Others have raised concerns that areas could end up littered with excess cardboard especially during the festive season and they have too many big bins taking up space.

But the council argues the scheme will increase recycling opportunities, make recycling easier and double the recyclable materials it collects.

The authority said it needs to encourage recycling and follow national standards to move cardboard to the blue bin. A spokesman added the council anticipated the blue bin has sufficient capacity for paper and card and extra can be placed by the bin or presented in bags or boxes.