WALTON: WI learns about Kinamba Community Project in Rwanda

Mrs Sheila Todd, president, welcomed members to the June meeting of Walton WI. One new member was welcomed.

Members were encouraged to support the raffle in aid of the Motor Neurone Association and to vote for the winning competition entry - an item of handicraft.

Reminders were given of forthcoming events and outings and final arrangements were made for a visit to Renishaw Hall. Preliminary details were given about the branch’s 75th birthday lunch in November.

Hilary Turner gave an interesting resume about her recent visit to Denman College on a WI Bursary; she had chosen a weekend course in flower arranging.

A report was also given following the National AGM.

Birthday posies were then presented and a basket of flowers was presented to a member celebrating her 95th birthday.

The speaker, Meg Fletcher, gave a talk on the Kinamba Community Project in Rwanda. This interesting talk gave a real insight into how the other half live. The vote of thanks was given by Eunice Hockin. Members had the opportunity to purchase items from the Kinamba craft stall.