Walker loses wedding ring in Bakewell

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Husband of 19 years “gutted” to have lost wedding ring while enjoying a trip to Derbyshire.

James Halligan, 43, lives in Sheffield but came over to Bakewell with his family at the weekend.

Whilst enjoying chips near the waters edge his youngest son said he heard an odd noise it was not until they got home that James realised it was his wedding ring that had fallen off.

“My hands were so cold when we were out having lunch it most have just slipped off.

“I’m so gutted to lose it, when we realised we drove back from Sheffield and took our torches out to look under the bench we were sitting under.”
The ring is nine carat gold with the inscription 9/11/96 Michelle inside it.

The family said they were sitting on bench near the padlock bridge when they had their lunch.

James added: “I hope someone finds it and I can get back to wearing it, it feels very strange to not have it on.”

If anyone finds the ring please email James on hallijm@blueyonder.co.uk