Vital services could suffer due to more spending cuts

County election, Caitlin Bisknell celebrating her victory
County election, Caitlin Bisknell celebrating her victory

Community leaders have warned that any further cuts in funding could lead to a loss of frontline services in light of the Government’s spending review.

Chancellor George Osborne announced there will be a reduction of ten per cent to local councils’ coffers, as well as ‘no more than six per cent’ slashed from the police’s budget.

Leader of the High Peak Borough Council, Councillor Caitlin Bisknell, said: “Once again local councils bearing brunt of cuts.

“In High Peak we have already cut our revenue budget by around a third in response to Government demands.

“The latest ten per cent cut had been widely anticipated and we are already preparing our budget to take account of this further reduction, and will be working with officers closely over the next few months on a range of proposals.

“We are working hard with our staff to ensure that services are not affected. However, we are getting very close to the time when there will inevitably be some impact on our residents and council services.”

She said the recent decision to deal with some services in house would help to ease the financial pressure a little and she was already in talks with Derbyshire County Council about how they can save money by sharing buildings.

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles commented: “We don’t know yet just how much Derbyshire Constabulary will be affected, and we are still waiting for details of the grant settlement for 2014/15.

“I am confident that police officers and staff across Derbyshire will continue to work as hard as they can to maintain the fall in crime wherever possible, but this will be extremely difficult with these Government cuts. We will, however, be supported in doing this by the prudent savings made in the past year.

“Derbyshire Constabulary has already recorded significant savings of £2.5million in year–end figures for 2012/13. Many of these were made possible by cautious management practices designed to ensure that we are in the best possible position to face these additional Government cuts.”