Visitors warned over show scam

Conmen who fleeced the public and cheated a life-saving charity out of donations with a raffle scam at Bakewell Show have been slammed as ‘disgraceful.’

Now visitors to other local events are being warned to be vigilant after the fraud was discovered.

The Air Ambulance Service sent out the alert after learning that a group of people wearing hi-visibility jackets were selling raffle tickets at Bakewell Show, falsely claiming that the proceeds would go to charity.

David Reeves, the charity’s fundraising manager, said: “Unfortunately there are some people who attempt to make money by impersonating a charity.

“We can confirm that we were not holding a raffle at the Bakewell Show and the raffle tickets that were sold were fraudulent.”

As the Dales will soon be playing host to Chatsworth Country Fair, police and event organisers are working together to ensure that there is not a repeat scam.

Visitors will be warned about potential fraudsters and repeat messages will be put across the tannoys alerting people to be cautious.

Linda Robbins, Bakewell Show organiser, said: “This is a timely warning for people going to these events – if there’s anybody walking round with raffle tickets give them a wide birth.”