VIDEO: Xmas carol is ‘reight good’ agrees vicar

Aye up duck! Would tha believe it? A new carol’s been penned in taahn telling folk t’ be reight wi’ each other at Christmas.

The festive cracker was born in the Crooked Spire this year and tells the nativity story in a broad Chesterfield accent.

“So Mary ‘ad young ‘un, a saviour were born, in a manky ‘ewd stable, on fost Christmas morn... Then shepherds cum in and presented a lamb an’ gid it t’ babby, as sut wi’ his mam,” the carol goes.

Aside from the obvious delight of hearing a Chesterfield tongue sing the tale so proudly, there is another reason for the carol – teaching the spire’s new vicar a thing-or-two about the local lingo.

Lyric writer Paul Wilson, verger at the Crooked Spire and a born-and-bred Chesterfield lad, explains: “When Father Patrick Coleman arrived in the summer from Wales, there were some obvious problems with him understanding the dialect.

“There would be times when people would be speaking to him and I could just see this blank look on his face.

“I did depart some of my local knowledge to Father Coleman, with some success, but decided there must be a better – and funnier – way to do it.”

So Paul teamed-up with assistant organist Mark Rothman to write The Derbyshire Carol. Now Father Coleman is feeling festive – and is schooled in the local dialect

He said: “The carol is absolutely fantastic. It’s great to tell the story of Christmas – and its important message – in such a unique way. I love it.

“It’s definitely helped me to learn a few more phrases too.”


An angel appeared unto Mary one day And said, “aye-up duck, ‘av got summutt to say” Ave Maria

“We’ve got thee a job duck, but there’s ‘newt to fear ‘Cos God’s gorra plan, it’s a reight good idea” Ave Maria

“All fallen mankind, he’s now gewin’ to spare S’ God’s very own nipper, yer gewin’ to bear” Ave Maria

What angel had said, were a bit of a shock But Mary replied, “Arr ger on wi’ it, cock” Ave Maria

So Mary ‘ad young ‘un, a saviour were born In a manky ‘ewd stable, on fost Christmas morn Ave Maria

Then shepherds cum in and presented a lamb An’ gid it t’ babby, as sut wi’ his mam Ave Maria

So this Christmastime, let turn from our hating Be reight wi’ each other and all gi’ o’er fating Gi’ o’er wi’ thi shivering, and don’t be s’ nesh ‘Cos God’s now incarnate, the word is made flesh