VIDEO SLIDESHOW: Budding young pilot captures Chesterfield roundabout covered in snow

A budding young pilot has captured spectacular aerial shots of Chesterfield’s Horns Bridge roundabout covered in snow.

Reece Froggatt, 14, used the radio-controlled drone he got for Christmas to take the stunning pictures yesterday.

Reece, of Chesterfield, said: “I fly light aircraft at Netherthorpe Airfield, gaining hours to get my Private Pilots’ License.

“I saw drones filming on the beaches of Tenerife in August and it was then when I knew I wanted one.

“I’m planning on visiting Queen’s Park, Bolsolver Castle, Hardwick Hall and the Crooked Spire to get more nice pictures.

“I like seeing places from above – it gives you a different perspective.”

Reece abides by airspace regulations and flies his drone at the legal limit in Chesterfield.

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