VIDEO REPORT: How easy is it to buy legal highs online?

Tomorrow’s Derbyshire Times leads with news on the tragic death of talented young musician Aidan Karpenko – who lost his life after taking one pill ordered online to cure his anxiety.

Aidan, 19, of Chesterfield Road, Holmewood, was found dead hours after childhood friend Jamie Stone gave him a single Etizolam pill he had bought on the internet.

FULL STORY: ‘One pill can kill’ warning after death of popular Chesterfield teen

Etizolam is used as a medicine in Japan and India to treat anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks. The drug is not licensed as a medicine in the UK – although it is not classed as an illegal substance.

Chesterfield-based drugs support group Spoda has sounded a warning about the dangers of Etizolam and other psychoactive substances – otherwise known as ‘legal highs’.

Click play on the above video to watch a video report by the Derbyshire Times on how shockingly easy it is to order these devastating drugs online.