VIDEO: Glass warning after dog severs artery in Matlock park

A dog owner has issued a warning after her pet terrier severed an artery on a piece of broken glass left in a Matlock Park

Thursday, 31st January 2013, 12:21 pm

Sarah Armitage had to rush three–year–old Purdey straight to the vet when the injury started spurting with blood on their walk in Knowleston Gardens, Matlock.

“She just went lame, so I scooped her up and then her leg just started to shoot blood out,” the mother–of–two recalled.

“My friend got a little towel and wrapped her paw up in it and we took her to Peak Veterinary where they stemmed the bleeding. Luckily I was parked nearby, if I hadn’t been she could have died.”

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The vet confirmed the glass had severed through Purdey’s artery and tendon, right through to the joint.

Sarah, of Wingerworth, said there is often broken glass in Knowleston Gardens due to young people drinking there.

“Dog owners need to know that there is all this glass there and to take care,” she added.

The 43–year–old, who previously worked with young adults, said she understood young people often congregate in parks, but appealed to them to think before they started breaking bottles, warning a child could have been hurt.

Purdey has only just started to recover from the accident, but vets say she will be left with arthritis as a result of it.

Since the incident, Sarah has been in correspondence with Derbyshire Dales District Council with regards to the glass in the park.

A spokesman for the authority stated: “Hall Leys Park and Knowleston Gardens are maintained to the highest standard, as recognised by external inspectors who have designated it a Green Flag park for five years running, making it one of the best in the whole of the UK. We work closely with the local neighbourhood policing team with regard to maintaining the status and safety of one of the most used parks in Derbyshire.”

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