VIDEO: Did aliens visit Derbyshire last Saturday?

A Pilsley resident believes aliens may have visited the sky above Derbyshire last Saturday morning.

Gene Reddington has sent the Derbyshire Times mobile phone shot footage of a dark shape above the small village of Pilsley.

Is this is UFO or can you think of another explanation?

Is this is UFO or can you think of another explanation?

In the shaky video - which was captured on a mobile phone by a friend - a dark object in the sky is clearly visible, gliding ominously beside the road.

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After closely analysing the footage, Gene claims he can make out antennae, ventrals and landing supports.

Gene says he can think of no earthly explanation for the phenomenon, which he says has now been witnessed three times in the same area.

Other viewers of the video have suggested the object could be a Mothman - a mythical creature often spotted at scenes of great disaster.

What do you think? Is the object of extra-terrestrial origin or can you suggest a more down-to-earth explanation.

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