VIDEO: ‘Diamond shaped UFOs’ spotted ‘colliding’ in Derbyshire

Picture taken from the video.
Picture taken from the video.

A video has emerged online of ‘diamond shaped UFOs’ in Derbyshire.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube yesterday by user Wasim Akram, was taken on the A38 in the county.

The video description says: “Some other vehicles must have seen them it was pretty busy.

“If you can help clean up the video or anything to help show and zoom in on the diamond shape let me know. I deleted sound because there was inappropriate words used sorry.

“Skip to about two minutes. Sorry about the beginning.”

Derbyshire Times reader, Miya Ayub, whose partner shot the footage, said that at first she thought it was ‘two or three’ helicopters in the sky.

“I got scared because I thought the two helicopters were going to crash until I saw them literally bouncing off each other,” she said.

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