VIDEO: ‘Creepy clowns’ spotted lurking in Queen’s Park late at night

A video has emerged of a group of ‘creepy clowns’ lurking late at night at Queen’s Park in Chesterfield.

The footage, which was shared with the Derbyshire Times, shows at least three people wearing clown masks.

Stock image.

Stock image.

The friends, who recorded the clowns, were sat under a tree at the park on Monday evening.

Although no one came to any harm, the video has been shared online 60 times and received more than 3,500 views to warn others.

It comes after a couple were confronted by ten clowns on the new Chesterfield cycle path at night on Sunday.

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And last week Derbyshire police were called to Hollingwood Primary School to reports of a clown waving at children through classroom windows.

However, Derbyshire police reassured residents earlier this month, saying people dressing as clowns is “not a concern”.

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