VIDEO: Chesterfield pair arrested after police operation

Police in Chesterfield have arrested a man and a woman after executing a warrant at a flat on Fairfield Road in the town.

The arrests were made shortly after 8am today (Wednesday February 24) and officers are now conducting a search of the premises.

Chesterfield street incident by reporter Daniel Hayes

Chesterfield street incident by reporter Daniel Hayes

The road was closed for a short time but reopened at 8.20am.

Neighbour, Barry Briggs, 38, who lives at number 28, said he was meditating when the police broke down the door of the flat in question.

He said: “I was just getting into it when the whole building shook.

“I looked outside and saw armed police in the street telling me to get back inside.

“I asked them what was going and but they wouldn’t tell me and were threatening to arrest me if I swore.

Unemployed father-of-three Mr Briggs said he thought the raid was further evidence of American style gun culture creeping into our society.

He said: “We don’t want guns on our streets. It is being slowly introduced into our system and we shouldn’t have it.”

More information will follow as we get it.