VIDEO: Can you spot the cyclist not wearing any reflective gear?

A short video has been released asking viewers to time how long it takes for them to spot a cyclist wearing reflective gear and one who isn't.

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 10:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 10:27 am
Stock picture.

The clip shows two takes of a cyclist riding along a poorly-lit road and is filmed from the perspective of a car travelling on the same route.

In one take, the cyclist is wearing a highly reflective jersey provided by Pro Vision.

In the other, the cyclist is not wearing any reflective clothing or equipment such as bike lights.

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The two clips, when shown side-by-side, highlight how important it is for cyclists to equip themselves with the right equipment, particularly in the winter months and darker nights.

It also shows the benefits of other reflective items such as reflective spoke clips.

The video is being released just a day after a cyclist wearing no reflective equipment at all was seen riding along a stretch of the A52.

Chief Inspector Andy Palmer, head of Derbyshire Constabulary's roads policing unit, said: "The video highlights just how important it is for cyclists to make sure they can be quickly and easily seen by other road users.

"The cyclist who is not wearing any reflective gear is almost invisible until the car is right behind him - whereas the cyclist with the jersey can be seen immediately.

"We are releasing this video as part of Road Safety Week 2016, which is aimed at raising awareness of safety across all road users, including cyclists.

"Many cyclists take great pride in their bikes and we want to encourage them to treat their own safety as seriously and invest in proper reflective equipment."

For more information on road safety, visit the Derbyshire police website.