VIDEO: Can you give a home to this loveable pooch?

Call the RSPCA if you can give Blue a home.
Call the RSPCA if you can give Blue a home.

The Chesterfield branch of the RSPCA is trying to find a loving home for a 'special' and 'genius' pooch.

The German Shepherd called Blue is 11-months-old and loves cuddles and having her belly scratched.

The RSPCA said: "For baby Blue we are looking for an owner who is accustomed to the breed’s idiosyncrasies, their oddities and their undeniable Shepherd-ness. But she is so very worth it.

"Coming into our care, originally, as little more than a puppy, Blue has had an unfortunately eventful first year of life. At an early stage in her life where consistency and the foundations of training are so important, she has been through a lot of change. Shepherds, more than most, struggle to cope with upheaval and Blue is no exception. But, in spite of it all, her bright spirit shines strongly still. Her smile can light a room, her eyes can thaw the thickest of ice, her heart holds you to her like flame-drawn moths.

"She loves cuddles and having her belly scratched, physical contact of any kind means the absolute world to her. She’s very people-centric in general, perhaps too much. She puts people on a pedestal, worships them, and becomes highly excited and giddy when she is around them. For both her and her new owners’ happiness, she would benefit massively from learning some self-control and the ability to self-settle. She tends to forget herself when people are involved and can become mouthy and overly stimulated."

The RSPCA said that any new owner would need to be able offer her 'oodles of physical and mental stimulation' and be both willing and able to commit to a long-term training plan and to consult with a qualified behaviourist in order to iron out her quirks.

They added: "The Beneath the manic energy and bouncing wildness is the sweetest of dogs, Blue is just a baby trying to make her way in a world that is hard and harsh, a world which struggles to find a place for those who are different, those who don’t quite fit. Blue is special, unique, brilliant, a genius, a beauty, she is the brightest star in the night’s sky. Please, if you think you can offer her what she needs, please get in touch. She needs a special home, a special home for a special girl. Please."

Blue is likely to need the support of a APDT dog trainer and/or a APBC registered animal behaviourist to help her settle into a new home. She is looking for an owner who is able to provide her with this support and has previous experience of training German Shepherds using reward based training methods.

For more information about Blue and to discuss her training needs, contact the animal centre on 01246 273358.