VIDEO: Amazing time-lapse footage of Chesterfield's Horns Bridge roundabout

Time-lapse footage of Horns Bridge roundabout in Chesterfield.
Time-lapse footage of Horns Bridge roundabout in Chesterfield.

It can be quite hair-raising to drive around sometimes - but we're sure you'll agree Chesterfield's Horns Bridge roundabout looks pretty amazing in this time-lapse footage.

The 12-second clip - which was uploaded to YouTube by a user called RandomlySet - shows scores of vehicles whizzing around the junction at night-time.

Derbyshire County Council is currently studying the layout and signalling system of the roundabout in a bid to improve safety.

In the last five years, two people were seriously injured and 49 people were slightly injured in crashes at the junction.

A spokesman for the council, which is responsible for the county's highways, said: “Horns Bridge is a large multi-lane roundabout which now carries about 26,000 vehicles every day.

“Traffic lights were introduced there in 2007 in an effort to reduce casualties and traffic flows have increased since then.

“We’ve commissioned a review of the layout and signalling system to see if there’s anything further we can do to improve safety.

“We know that crossing the roundabout in heavy traffic can be frustrating.

“Please adjust your speed and position to fit in with conditions and be alert to the speed and position of those around you.”

In the meantime, if you're at home, sit back and enjoy the time-lapse footage!