VIDEO: 1923 newsreel airs concern about Crooked Spire 'falling 12 inches'

The Crooked Spire.
The Crooked Spire.

British Pathe has released video footage from 1923 showing Chesterfield's amazing Crooked Spire.

The newsreel begins with the words: "The famous Crooked Spire has fallen 12 inches since 1842 and is now 7ft 10in out of plumb!"

It goes on to show the historic building, which was built in the late 13th Century and finished around 1360.

The Crooked Spire – a Grade I listed building – is the largest church in Derbyshire.

In common folklore, there are a number of stories about why the spire is twisted.

One says that a virgin married in the church and the spire turned around to look at the bride.

Legend also has it that a blacksmith from Bolsover made a poor job of shoeing the Devil who, lashing out in agony as he passed over Chesterfield, gave the spire a violent kick.

In reality, however, it is believed the inclination was caused by unseasoned wood and heavy lead tiles.

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