UPDATE: Man charged after 12-hour Chesterfield roof stand-off

The police cordon on Heaton Street on Tuesday.
The police cordon on Heaton Street on Tuesday.

A Chesterfield man who had to be talked down from a Brampton roof has been charged by police.

Daniel Walsh, 27, of Marsden Street, Chesterfield was charged with two counts of criminal damage to a roof on Heaton Street.

The incident began at 1.20am on Tuesday, October 3 when police were called to the property following a report of a ‘concern for safety’.

UPDATE: Tense 12-hour stand-off on Chesterfield roof brought to an end

After a tense 12-hour police standoff during which the road was cordoned off and specialist police negotiators brought in, the man was persuaded to come down.

When he was safely down, the man was arrested on suspicion of causing damage to the roof of a neighbouring house.

Mr Walsh will appear before Chesterfield magistrates on Thursday, November 2.