University lecturer scoops online slimmer of the year 2012 award

A SPORTS physiology lecturer has won a slimmer of the year award after shedding nine stone in just 14 months.

Alison Purvis-Gisborne, from Dronfield, used to weigh 19st 12½lb and wear a dress size 24 but after signing up online to a slimming club now weighs 10st 12½lb and wears a dress size 12.

The 36-year-old, who works at Sheffield Hallam University was one of eight slimmers to win awards after between them they lost 67st through the Rosemary Conley diet plan.

Alison, who received her award – along with £1,000 cash – from Rosemary Conley, at a ceremony in London said it took a health scare for her to change her lifestyle after finding out she had frighteningly high blood pressure.

“I’ve had problems with my weight since I was a teenager but in the past five years it really started to pile on,” said Alison.

“Weighing 20st and lecturing others on how the human body responds to exercise made me feel embarrassed.”

Due to her profession, Alison also knew the serious implications her weight had on her health, and she knew it could lead to an early grave.

“I was horrified to discover how high my blood pressure was and realised I had to change to protect my health before it was too late,” she said.

“That early grave seemed a whole lot closer but I was given the chance to reduce it through weight loss rather than medication.”

Within the first month of joining Rosemary Conley’s internet slimming club, Alison succeeded in shedding one st 4lb.

“If I was struggling I’d post on the website’s forum and have live chats with other slimmers,” she said.

“There was also a weight loss and exercise coach, as well as a customer care manager online. It was because of this support system and my determination that I lost weight every single week.”

After starting to run for ten minutes at a time, Alison built up her running to half hour intervals and, after signing up for the London Marathon, Alison now trains five times a week, which has toned her figure.

“My blood pressure is now at a healthy level but the biggest reward is knowing I now practice what I preach to my students, who now tell me how fantastic I look,” she added.

BEFORE: Alison before the weight loss. Alison Purvis-Gisborne before.jpg

AFTER: Alison’s glamorous new look. Purvis-Gisborne after.jpg