UFO sighting over Chesterfield

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FORGET Roswell and Rendlesham Forest - the latest UFO sighting happened right here on our doorstep, on Brimington Common to be precise.

The extra-terrestrial visions were snapped on a mobile phone by John Wignell (47) when out walking in the area.

“I was taking pictures of the sunset for a project” said John, who is a mature art student at Chesterfield College. “I didn’t see the UFO until I got home and uploaded the photo to my computer.

“I took several pictures at once but could only see the UFO on one.”

John recalls an incident 15 years ago when his belief in alien lifeforms was first aroused. Whilst walking in the same area he saw something in the trees.

“In the woods I saw a clear shape” said John. “There wasn’t a cloud in the sky but there was a shape shimmering. It flew off, bending the branch as it went.”

But now the unidentified being has returned, and John has managed to capture it lurking in the tree tops.

This isn’t the first time aliens have been spotted over Brimington common. Three individuals reported sightings of bright lights on the website www.uk-ufo.co.uk.