Tyre safety warning for motorcyclists

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MOTORCYCLISTS are being warned to check their tyres by Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership.

Andy Adlington, the partnership’s motorcycle project officer, said: “Lots of motorcyclists who ride for pleasure take their bikes out for the first time in April.

“They are keen to make the most of the warm weather and lighter evenings – but they could run into trouble if they forget to check their tyres.

“We’re warning motorcyclists to make sure their tyres are roadworthy before heading out on the open road.”

Andy added: “Motorcyclists should make sure that their tyres have enough tread on them and that they’re inflated to the level specified in their manufacturer’s handbook.

“It’s also important to check that they are correctly balanced and aligned.”

Riders are being encouraged to use the partnership’s motorcycle tyre safety checklist:

- Check your tyre pressures from cold at least once a week

- If your bike is above 50cc, check your tread depth regularly - the legal limit is 1mm

- If your bike is below 50cc, check regularly that your tyres are still legal by making sure the tread pattern is still visible

- Replace bent or cracked rims

- Replace worn or damaged valve stems

- Look for cuts, bulges, uneven wear or objects embedded in the tread

- Check that both tyres fitted to the bike are made by the same manufacturer and have the same tread pattern

- Make sure that your tyres have been fitted the right way round by checking the directional arrows on the sidewalls

- Make sure your tyres have dust caps – they keep dirt away from the valve core and act as a secondary air seal

- Remove oil and grease from your tyres using detergent