Two uninsured vehicles seized in roadside checks in Shirebrook

Two drivers have had their vehicles seized by police during roadside checks in Shirebrook.

A car and a van were impounded by officers for having no insurance during the operation on Thursday, December 20, at Portland Road.

The owners now face a fine and points on their licence.

They will have to get the correct insurance and prove it to officers before paying a fee to release their vehicle.

Eleven cars were also dealt with on the day for a number of issues, including one vehicle which was stopped for having no tread on two of its tyres.

The checks were carried out as part of a county wide campaign to improve road safety and target community concerns.

Known as Operation Safedrive, it was carried out by officers from the local Safer Neighbourhood policing team, CREST (Casualty Reduction and Enforcement Support Team) and VOSA vehicle examiners.

Nine prohibition notices were also handed to drivers whose vehicles had defects which meant they were too dangerous to be on the road.

Safer Neighbourhood team Sgt Matt Troth said: “The operation was set up to target illegal or unsafe driving, and to make sure that all vehicles passing were roadworthy and safe.

“Targeting community concerns, including road safety, is a priority for us.

“If your vehicle isn’t insured for use on the road then you risk having is seized, points on your licence and a substantial fine.”

To contact the Shirebrook Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team call 101, the non emergency number, or email