Two erect penises drawn on bus shelter near Chesterfield

Foolish vandals have drawn two large penises on a bus shelter near Chesterfield.

Members of the public – including youngsters and elderly people – are currently being confronted by the distasteful images of the prominent phalli while waiting for buses in Duckmanton, a village within the civil parish of Sutton-cum-Duckmanton.

Unnaceptable graffiti in Duckmanton.

Unnaceptable graffiti in Duckmanton.

The Derbyshire Times has informed the council of the daft graffiti. Taxpayers’ cash will have to be used to remove it.

People are reminded that graffiti is an offence of criminal damage and, if prosecuted, the offender could face a fine or even imprisonment.

Last year, vandals drew male anatomy on the the footbridge leading to Queen’s Park in Chesterfield. Chesterfield Borough Council staff later came along and washed it away.

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