Two Chesterfield town centre fires caused the same way

Firefighters at the scene.
Firefighters at the scene.

Two separate fires in Chesterfield town centre in less than a week started the same way, it has been revealed.

Emergency services were called to Low Pavement shortly before 11am on Sunday amid reports of a fire in Ladbrokes.

A Derbyshire fire service spokesman said flames broke out in the roof space of the property.

The spokesman added: “It was caused by an electrical fire at the rear of the building.”

Ladbrokes spokesman Jessica Bridge said nobody was injured in the incident.

“All staff and customers are fine,” she said.

“The store is still closed.”

The Pavements Shopping Centre was evacuated and closed to members of the public for about an hour before reopening.

Workers and shoppers gathered outside the centre as firefighters from Chesterfield, Staveley and Clay Cross dealt with the incident.

One man, who did not want to be named, said: “We were shopping inside one minute then ordered outside the next.

“It was all quite dramatic but very well dealt with.”

The blaze came days after a separate fire broke out at a nearby Chesterfield clothes shop.

Firefighters were called to New Look on Vicar Lane shortly before 9am last Tuesday.

The fire alarm was sounded when a small blaze broke out in the suspended ceiling.

Crews from Chesterfield and Staveley found the fire and used a CO2 extinguisher to quickly put it out before ventilating the building. Nobody was injured.

The fire service spokesman said: “It’s been confirmed this fire was also caused by an electrical fault.”

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