TUPTON: WI member Margaret Hawkins demonstrates the high wire act

A meeting of Tupton WI began with a toast to the Queen in celebration of the 60th anniversary of her coronation in the coming month.

Members made plans for the branch’s birthday party in July and trips to the theatre in Sheffield and Chesterfield.

Final arrangements were made for the club’s entrants to the “Strictly Come Dancing” event at Staveley.

Branch president Diane Woolgar led the discussion about the resolution proposed by NFWI about the demise of the High Street and how members can help to save the independent and small shops. Members voted to support this resolution.

Margaret Hawkins, one of the members, entertained with the tale about her younger sister who joined the circus as a young girl and who now has children and grandchildren following in the family tradition.

She showed photographs, posters and programmes and bravely demonstrated the high wire act.

The meeting concluded with tea and biscuits which were provided by Barbara Short and Audrey Russell.